Human Clock
Music Video

This is a music video I wrote and directed for the Brazilian Rock&Roll band “Nevilton”. It’s a Human Clock. Three people use their bodies and pillows to create a choreographed countdown from 2:20 to 0:00. Filming was shot over thirty minutes and sped up seven times to produce a four minute video.

It took us about 2 years (from conception to production) to finish this project.

My intention was to create a mathematical music video. Listening to the music, we realized that our unit of time was 1.4 second. What that means is for each 14 seconds we would have 10 units of time. In other words, since we had 240 seconds of music, we would have about 170 units of time during the music video. This explains the initial 2:20.

In parallel we studied how many seconds the actors needed to change positions (from 9 to 8 to 7 to 6…) We found out they would need about 10 seconds (7×1,4s) for every change (seven times more than our unit of time). So, we shot all the choreography of the video in 30 minutes and then we sped it up 7 times to get the 4 minute video.

However, since we couldn’t slow down the music 7 times (the sound was beyond recognition if we did so) we used a metronome to replace the music during the filming.

This metronome guided us through all the mathematics and choreography.

If you want to know more about how this video was made, click here to see the Making of.


Latin Grammy Nomination
Creativity Online Selection
Top 2 in MTV Brazil new Music Videos